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btllc 4mfgTEKnologybairTEK LLC brings over 30 years of hands-on manufacturing experience working directly with industry leaders in the machine tool, cadcam, dnc, and manufacturing sectors to guide our product development and direction. bairTEK specializes in software for manufacturing, cadcam, shop floor networking, wired and wireless dnc communications, data management, activity monitoring, reporting, hardware, custom development, consulting, training, and services. OKay what does that all mean? We provide products and solutions for everything cncLearn more …

Company News and Latest Product Updates

  1. See our product page for more details of our product solutions
  2. Re-Post 2019 latest released July 2019
  3. editNC v11.5 latest released September 2019
  4. BackplotX 2019 latest released October 2019
  5. SuiteFactory v7.3.260 latest released Jaunary 8, 2020 (Final SuiteFactory Release)
  6. ShopFloorManager to replace SuiteFactory for 2020