Re-Post "The NC Translator"

Re-Post Description: Independent of where NC files were originally created, Re-Post provides Fast and Simplified Forward and Reverse Post Processing and Flavoring of NC-Code to quickly change from machine-to-machine or satisfy any shop floor formatting needs. 

If you need to translate programs from machine2machine. Re-Post is for you!  Affordable, user configurable & easy to use, Proven legacy programs can be re-used, Multiple machines can be supported from one program, Production changes can be adjusted on the shop floor, and much more.  If you are editing nc programs, Re-Post is for you! Manual editing nc programs is tedious, takes time, and opens the door for errors. Re-Post automates the process and eliminates the costly mistakes! Many useful utilities included. Re-Post Capabilities include Forward and reverse post processing, flavoring & formatting, conversion, transformation, arc formatting, calculating, analyzing, estimating, speed & feed optimization, family of part programming, sequence number management, space management, and much more.

See Re-Post Standard Interface Introduction (Click Here) 


See Re-Post Command Line Interface Introduction (Click Here) 


Price:  $899.00 US (7 Day Trial) - includes configuration library and up to 2 hours of custom configuration assistance - See our download page for latest release

Re-Post Updates and News

  1. Re-Post 2023 Latest Released July 2023
  2.  Re-Post 2022 Latest Released December 2022
  3. Re-Post 2021 Latest Released December 2021
  4. Re-Post 2020 Latest Released November 2020
  5. Re-Post 2019 Released July 2019
  6. Re-Post 2018 Released December 2018
  7. Re-Post 2017 Released December 2017
  8. Re-Post 2016 Released April 2016
  9. Re-Post 2015 Released March 2015
  10. Re-Post 2014 Released June 2014
  11. Re-Post 2013 Released August 2013
  12. Re-Post 2012 released October 2012
  13. Re-Post v2.1 released May 2010 includes drag & drop batch interface (command line) for third party and desktop automation
  14. Re-Post v2.0 released March 2009
  15. Re-Post v1.0 released December 2003