shopfloormanager "enterprise class shop floor data management"

ShopFloorManagerChartShopfloorManager Description: Reliable (first release 1983), customers from small to large, easy to use & maintain (database structure), automatically manage files from conception to termination (and beyond), ISO9000 compliant, affordable & cost effective, and much more. , ShopfloorManager's ShopDNC, ShopTraveler, ShopMonitoring, and ShopTracker (Audit Trail / ISO9000 Compliancy) provide for shopfloor networking, machine tool communications (dnc), data management with revision control, event monitoring, audit trail, reporting, and much more. WHAT ARE YOUR MACHINES DOING TODAY?  

SuiteFactory Advantages:

SMART Technology - (S)ecure, (M)anaged, (A)uditable, (R)eportable, and field (T)ested

Database Structure - MS Access, SQL

User Login - Set user rights to determine the user interface and who can create, edit, delete, send or receive, and even view a controlled item. See only what you need!

File cabinets – User configurable tree structure to any depth for storage and easy retrieval of your DNC files, documents and packets.

Approval and Sign-off - Set the criteria for file sign-off and time constraints of a controlled item. 

Revision control - automated management of changes to documents, programs, and other information. 

Search Criteria - Key words and other search criteria fields can be customized to simplify the location of any DNC file, document or packet.

Charts & Reports - Shop floor upload and download and DNC file reports are standard. See ISO9000 Compliant for History Reports.

Third Party Tool Support - Support controlled file management while using third party product.

Audit & ISO9000 Compliant - Document Approval, Event Change Capture, History Reports, System Configuration Reports, etc. Approval & Sign-off and Revision Control.


Pricing starting at $1000 (30 day trial) - See our download page for the latest SuiteFactory release


SuiteFactory Updates and News

  1. See for more details
  2. Latest Release - ShopFloorManager v8.0.24 released December 2021
  3. LEGACY Release - SuiteFactory v7.3.265 latest released March 2020 (Final SuiteFactory Release)