editnc "the nc programmers editor of choice"

editNC  "The NC Programmers Editor of Choice" was first released for the Windows platform in 1993. Since then, seven major revisions, several OEM versions, and dozens of minor revisions have been produced. editNC, a cnc program editor, was designed to compliment CAD/CAM systems and also to provide powerful capabilities for manual G-Code programming. Now with many thousands of users, editNC continues to provide the highest level of performance while maintaining its ease of use to effectively Edit and Review, Calculate, Analyze, Compare, Estimate, Backplot, Communicate (DNC with Drip Feed) and much more.  edits G-Code, Heidenhain®, APT CL. NEW NETWORK FLOATING LICENSING AVAILABLE FOR V11.X. SEE OPTIONS, BACKPLOTX EXTENDED SUPPORT AND RE-POST "NC TRANSLATOR" BELOW.

New v11 Specifications include  enhanced editing capabilities, more powerful search, consolidated dialogs, easier dnc setup and much more.

Features - Functions include:  

  • Edit and backplot CNC programs - G-Codes, Heidenhain® conversational language, and APT CL files
  • Powerful compare methods - text and graphical methods - optionally ignore formatting, sequence numbers, and comments.
  • Serial download and upload
  • File conversion - change arc types, convert between G-code, conversational, CL, and DXF
  • Coordinate translation, rotation, scaling, and mirroring
  • Easily split a file into multiple programs, sub-programs, etc.
  • Merge Programs - locates sub programs and merges files
  • Supports Fanuc sub-programs, variables, and macros
  • Sequence number maintenance
  • Calculators designed for CNC programmers
  • Parts families creation using Fanuc-like macro language
  • Fast, usable, backplotting - query individual moves and set break points
  • File analysis - Min/max values, cycle times, and more
  • Powerful search capabilies designed for CNC programs
  • Loads related files containing notes, listings, etc.
  • Syntax-based coloring and fonts
  • View-only options
  • Automatically identifies and adapts to CNC program type
  • Single-seat or floating, network based licenses
  • File locking improves integrity over a network
  • For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

Price:  $250.00 US (14 Day Trial) - See our download page for latest release    

editNC Overview Video Part1 (topics)

editNC Overview Video Part2 (coming soon)


Add-On, BackplotX "eXtended support"

  • The BackplotX powered by Re-Post RPX by BairTEK LLC has been integrated into editNC v11.0 and later and works exactly like the standard editNC backplot! BackplotX provides extended support for machine code that is not presently not supported, error reporting, automated dxfout, and useful utilities! Priced at $100 US with library machine templates. Learn more…

           Add-On, Re-Post "The Ultimate ToolBox & Machine to Machine Translator"

  • Re-Post is designed to run inside of editNC. Re-Post includes a library of "user definable" tools providing Machine to Machine translation and utilities to translate, calculate, transform, estimate, document, and much more. With Re-Post, repetitive tasks can now be automated at a push of the button. Priced at $549 US with library machine templates. Learn more…

ediNC Update and News  

  1. editNC v11.4 released April 2019
  2. editNC v11.3.1 with BackplotX released October 2018
  3. editNC v11.3 with BackplotX released April 2018
  4. editNC v11.2.5 with BackplotX released November 2017
  5. editNC v11.2 with BackplotX released August 2017
  6. editNC v11.1 with BackplotX released June 2017
  7. editNC v11.0 with BackplotX released February 2017
  8. editNC v10.0 released March 2013